Create Good Standards of HSE within an Organisation

The three main reasons for promoting good standards of health, safety, and environmental protection within an organisation are:
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• MORAL: For humanitarian and environmental reasons, and because society expects it
• LEGAL : To avoid prosecution and/or litigation
• ECONOMIC: To manage the costs of accidents , ill health events, and environmental incidents
The protection of workers against work-related sickness, disease, and injury is the duty of every employer. A societal goal is to promote opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security, and human dignity.
Decent work is safe work. Safe work is also a positive factor for productivity, economic growth, and sustainability. Sound business reasons for maintaining good health, safety, and environmental standards include:
  • Reduction in losses from injury and damage
  •  Decreased absenteeism
  •  Increased staff retention
  •  Decreased insurance premiums
  •  Enhanced worker morale
  •  Improved reputation
  •  Enhanced business opportunities
  •  Reduction in cost associated with waste generation and management
  •  Reduction in cost associated with purchasing hazardous substances
  • Decreased likelihood of civil and/or criminal litigation

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