Arc welding Safety Procedures and Preventive measures

Arc-welding  is a safe occupation when sufficient  measures  are  taken  to protect the welder from  potential  hazards. When these measures are overlooked ,   however, welders can  encounter such dangers as electric  shock, over exposure to  fumes  and  gases, arc radiation,  and  fire  and  explosion; which  may result  in  serious, or   even fatal injuries.

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Even  though  the  output voltage  of a manual electric
                  arc welding transformer (welding transformer) at open
                  circuit  no-load  condition  is not very high, only about
                  60  to 80 Volt a.c. It could cause electric shock .

               2. The  Electric shock may cause injuries  to the welding
                   workers and sometimes leads to death.          

The followings are the common causes of electric shock 

         1.Overlook the potential hazards in the working environment

           2.Carelessness during welding

           3.Use of unsafe welding equipment.

Enhanced Welding Safety to Prevent Electric Shock

        In order to prevent electric shock and to minimize the damage or injury , We should follow 
        the following:
               1. To  avoid  direct contact with the live  parts  of  welding  equipment 

                    and the workpiece to prevent electric shock. 

               2. To make the overall impedance of the leakage current path is large

  1. Do Not weld in open source during raining.
  2. Do not stay in water or seriously flooded workplace to weld.

Safe Working Practices

             Avoid  making  direct  contact with any exposed conductor of the electrode
                holder, the  connected welding electrode and the exposed metal part of the
                workpiece with the bare hands or the body. 

             Always keep the hands and the body dry. 

             Do not put the welding transformer too far away from the workplace.In case
                of  need or  accident,the welding transformer can be switched off in time to
                disconnect the power source. 

             Switch off  the welding transformer when it stops welding to take breaks for 
                 rest,tea and meal.Also properly dispose of the welding rod remained on the
                 electrode holder.
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Use of Safety Welding Equipment

              o Properly  earth the metal casing of welding transformer by 
                   connecting separate earth wire to the power source.  

                o Install  an  automatic   voltage   regulator   in   the  welding
                   transformer  to  reduce the open circuit no-load voltage of
                   the transformer and the risk of electric shock. 

                o Use proper cable connectors to extend the welding cables.

                o Use proper and safe welding equipment

        1. Wear  dry  welding   gloves.

        2.Wear good insulating shoes
            and boots.

        3.Wear   protective   clothing. 
            Avoid naked body.

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