How to Calculate LTI Frequency Rate and Severity Rate


Number of Employees:                                                     50

Number of lost time injuries:                                            5

Number of days lost:                                                         10

Number Of days Worked                                                  30

Total No of Man hours                                                      504914

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Lost-Time Injury Frequency Rate                   

      Formula:         No of Lost-Time Injuries x 1000,000/Total No of Man Hours 

      Sample Data:          5 x 1000,000/504914

      Frequency Rate:     9.90

Based on 5 lost-time injuries for  504914 hours of exposure, this company would experience 9.90 lost-time injuries by the time they reached 1000,000 hours. 

Lost-Time Injury Severity Rate                       

      Formula:         No of Work Days Lost x 1000,000/Total Hours Worked

      Sample Data:          10 x 1000,000/504914

      Severity Rate:           19.80

Based on 10 lost workdays for 504914 hours of exposure, this company would experience 19.80 days lost by the time they reached 1000,000 hours.

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