Young employees Risk at work-Nebosh Questions

(a) Explain why young persons may be at a greater
risk from accidents at work. (4)
(b) Outline the measures that could be taken to
minimize the risks to young employees.(4)

(a) Young workers have a lack of experience, knowledge
and awareness of risks in the workplace.
They tend to be subject to peer pressure and
behave in a boisterous manner. They are often willing
to work hard and want to please their supervisor
and can become over-enthusiastic. This can lead to
the taking of risks without the realization of the
consequences. Some younger workers have
underdeveloped communication skills and a limited
attention span. Their physical strength and capabilities
may not be fully developed and so they may be
more vulnerable to injury when manually handling
equipment and materials. They are also more susceptible
to physical agents, biological and chemical
agents such as temperature extremes, noise,
vibration, radiation and hazardous substances.

(b) The Management of Health and Safety at Work
Regulations require that a special risk assessment
must be made before a young person is employed.
This should help to identify the measures which should
be taken to minimize the risks to young people.
Measures should include:
➤ additional supervision to ensure that they are closely
looked after, particularly in the early stages of their
➤ induction and other training to help them understand
the hazards and risk at their work place
➤ not allowing them to be exposed to extremes of
temperature, noise or vibration
➤ not allowing them to be exposed to radiation, or
compressed air and diving work
➤ carefully controlling levels of exposure to hazardous
materials so that exposure to carcinogens is as near
zero as possible and other exposure is below the
WEL limits which are set for adults
➤ not allowing them to use highly dangerous machinery
like power presses and circular saws; explosives
mechanical lifting equipment such as forklift trucks etc.
➤ Restricting the weight that young persons lift
manually to well below any weights permitted for

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