Key Elements of a Health and Safety Policy in NEBOSH

1.Policy statement of intent

The health and safety policy statement of intent is often referred to as the health and safety policy statement. The statement should be written in clear and simple language so that it is easily understandable. It should also be fairly brief and broken down into a series of smaller statements or bullet points.The statement should be signed and dated by the most senior person in the organization. This will demonstrate management commitment to health and safety and give authority to the policy. 
The following points should be included safety policy statement is being drafted: 
  • the aims should cover health and safety, welfare and relevant environmental issues
  •  the position of the senior person in the organization 
  • the names of the Health and Safety Adviser and any safety representatives
  • a commitment to the basic requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

2.Organization of health and safety

This section of the policy defi nes the names, positions and duties of those within the organization or company who have a responsibility for health and safety. Therefore, it identifi es those health and safety responsibilities and the reporting lines through the management structure. This section will include the following groups together with their associated responsibilities:
  •  directors and senior managers (responsible for setting policy, objectives and targets) 
  •  supervisors (responsible for checking day-to-day compliance with the policy) 
  •  safety advisers (responsible for giving advice during accident investigations and on compliance issues) 
  •  other specialist, such as an occupational nurse, chemical analyst and an electrician (responsible for giving specialist advice on particular health and safety issues)
  •  safety representatives (responsible for representing employees during consultation meetings on health and safety issues with the employer)  

3.Arrangements for Health and Safety

The arrangements section of the health and safety policy gives details of the specific systems and procedures used to assist in the implementation of the policy statement. This will include health and safety rules and procedures and the provision of facilities such as a first aid room and wash rooms.
The following list covers the more common items normally included in the arrangements section of the health and safety policy: 
  •  employee health and safety code of practice
  •  accident and illness reporting and investigation procedures 
  •  emergency procedures, first aid
  •  procedures for undertaking risk assessments 
  •  control of exposure to specific hazards (noise, vibration, radiation, manual handling, hazardous substances etc.) 
  •  machinery safety (including safe systems of work, lifting and pressure equipment) 
  •  electrical equipment (maintenance and testing) 
  •  maintenance procedures
  •  permits to work procedures
  •  use of personal protective equipment

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