·         No-one may change the abrasive wheel on any type of grinding machine unless they have been trained and appointed in writing by their employer to do so.

·         Wheels over 55 mm (2 ins.) in diameter must be marked with the maximum permissible speed in r.p.m.

·         Abrasive wheels must not be operated at speeds in excess of the marked r.p.m.

·         Machinery on which abrasive wheels are mounted must have the maximum speed of the spindle clearly marked in r.p.m.

·         When the wheel is in motion, the guard must be in position and must enclose the wheel, except for the part that must be exposed for the purpose of carrying  out the work.

When using abrasive wheels, eye protection that complies with BS 2092, Grade I must be worn by the operative using the wheel and by any persons who must remain in the vicinity where the work is being carried out.  If, during the use of the abrasive wheel, dust is generated, then suitable COSHH control measures must be applied to reduce dust levels and respiratory protective equipment must be worn if necessary.

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