The continuing efficiency of all portable powered tools, like all other mechanical equipment, depends on regular care and maintenance.  Tools should be regularly checked on issue from, and return to, the stores.

All tools which have exposed cutters should be switched off and held until they have stopped moving before being set down.

Operators should not wear any items of loose clothing which could become caught in moving parts of power tools.

Only 110 volt electrical powered tools are allowed on site and these must be visually checked before use by the operator and, every three months, a thorough examination should be carried out by a competent electrician.

The efficient and safe use of all powered tools can come only through proper training, proper maintenance and from adequate supervision on site.  Too many accidents have occurred through the use of these tools by untrained, unskilled labour.  No-one should use a power tool unless he has been given instruction on it.

Compressed air is delivered at high pressure; therefore if it enters the body, it can rupture internal organs and cause death.  It is important that air lines are used only for their proper purpose and not played with.

The air lines to air driven tools can be lethal if they break free and whip.  All connections in air lines must be made with the proper crimp type connectors - never with jubilee clips which have been involved in many serious accidents.  Check all lines before use.

If machines are designed to be used with guards, never start the machines unless the guards are firmly in place.

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