Components (elements) of the health & safety management system

1) Policy:-
- A business plan for health & safety to prevent / reduce loss in
the organisation
- Consisting of 3 sections (Statement of intent, Organisation &

2) Organising:-
o Identify Channels of communication within the organisation (chain
of command: who is reporting to whom)
o Identify the health & safety roles & responsibilities of everyone in
the company e.g. job descriptions (5Cs: Competence,
Commitment , Control, Co-operation, Communication)

3) Planning 4) Implementation: - Identify hazards, assessing risks,
and decide how risks can be eliminated or controlled, and Set
standards against which performance can be measured.
This should be implemented & enforced all over the organisation

5) Monitoring (Measuring performance):- to determine the extent

to which health & safety policy and its objectives are being
implemented, Monitoring should be both reactive e.g. Accident
investigation and proactive e.g. Audits

6) Audit:- Systematic examination of the whole health & safety
management system to ensure UAE , using 3 evidences:
inspections (physical observation), documents checks & staff

7) Review:- Analysing data gathered through monitoring to see
whether performance is adequate or not, developing the action
plan and recommendations needed for improvements

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