The places at which you work, and the access to these places, should always be free from unnecessary equipment, materials and substances which are liable to cause people to trip or slip.  Waste materials and substances should be cleared away regularly and tools kept together in a box or bag when not in use.

Holes or openings in floors must be filled in, or fitted with protective covers securely fixed in place and labelled "CAUTION OPENING BELOW", or protected by guard rails and toe boards.  Every year someone lifts an unmarked, loose cover and then walks down the hole being "protected".

Edges of floors, roofs and other working places from which people can fall, or from which people can fall into water and drown, must be protected by suitable guard rails and toe boards as indicated by the risk assessment.  If work is to be undertaken adjacent to water, suitable rescue equipment must be available.

If you work at a height, take care of the people working below.  Let them know you are there and take steps to prevent things from falling.  Precautions might include cover for floor openings, toe boards, brick guards, barriers or safety nets and the use of tool belts.

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